Here you find books with Militaria content. We decided to keep only books in line that deal with the subject of german uniforms and gear during WWII. The old titles, which are all outlisted / sold, you find with red light for documentation reasons.

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Deutsche Soldaten, uniforms - equipment & personal items

Product no.: 190729

Deutsche Soldaten, uniforms - equipment & personal items of the german solder 1939-45. Very good and detailed book in english language, 311 pages, author: Agustin Saiz. Special clearance offer price.

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German uniforms and field gear - 1939-1945 (#02476), Special Sale

Product no.: 190456

Author: Ricardo Recio Cardona / Antonio González Sánchez ISBN: 978-3-613-02476-2 Title no. 02 476 Binding: hardcover Number of pages: 176 Illustrations: 86 b / w photos & 405 color photos Size: 210mm x 290mm Published: 02/2005

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WH Manual "Das MG42"

Product no.: 80114

Wehrmacht manual MG42, "main parts and their function". 1:1 reproduction of original, 38 pages.

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Der Kampf um Norddeutschland, Das bittere Ende zwischen Weser und Elbe, Clearance Sale

Product no.: 240173

Written by Ulrich Saft, 570 pictures, detailed battle maps and description of the last battles in northern Germany. The bible for everybody who wants to look at the battlefields, trenches etc. in northern Germany woods.

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Manual .30 M1 Carbine

Product no.: 90958

Manual .30 M1 Carbine. Reproduction.

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Original H&K USP manual Italian

Product no.: 91146

Original H&K USP manual Italian.

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USP repair instructions for armorer, H&K

Product no.: 91147

USP repair instructions for armorer, H&K.

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STAR Z70 manual, Spanish

Product no.: 91162

STAR Z70 manual. Spanish. 36 pages. Lots of pictures. Condition: Used.

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