9th january 2018

Take a look at the right side to the bestseller category. Here you find H&K G36 and HK416 / HK417 absolut top offers. Parts are all new stock and came from H&K Germany. This is a one of a kind offer and last as long as stock level lasts.

For the people who collect display / model guns: We just gave G36 dummy barrels into production, so you soon find these also in our range. A dummy barrel is a massiv pipe that only looks like a barrel but technically can never be one.

Dear Comrades, Dear Reenactors, Dear Militaria-Collectors, Dear Movie-Companies and other Visitors! We welcome you to zib-militaria - the number one marketplaced for quality militaria at reasonable prices.

Our focus is:

- WWII uniforms and gear
- Demilled original weapons
- Free gun parts, especially H&K
- Model weapons
- Blank- and Airguns
- Bayonet, daggers and knives
- Militaria Merchandise

You will find special and often rare military articels here in our shop. We promise you fast customer service and shipping. Collecting and trading military stuff is our passion and since 2006 we made our passion to our profession. Zib-militaria has become one of the biggest european online-shop for militaria and if you place an order with us we will do all for your satisfaction. We have a 1000qm storage in Hamburg Germany were we stock nearly all our 3000 products phsysically - that is why we can serve orders so fast.

We are adding new products to our range frequently - so make sure you visit us from time to time. We are more than happy to answer to any of your questions and receive your comments. If you are facebook user we are happy and thankful if you add us to your favorite sites there.

Make sure the items you order with us are ok for your country to receive - all items are conform to german law, make sure they are conform to your law also. If you have doubts please ask your local authorities.

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Thank you very much for visiting us, your comrades of zib-militari

WH MP40, MP model
129.90 € *
Military Uniform, US OCP Typ, Army Make, New
Old price 99.90 €
49.90 € *
AA Tripod MG42/MG3
149.00 € *
WH Panzerschreck, RPG model
Old price 239.00 €
199.00 € *
RPG2, Russia, deactivated Panzerfaust
Old price 199.00 €
149.00 € *
AK47 Magazin. 20!rds. Arsenal Bulgaria make
Old price 14.90 €
11.90 € *
AK47 magazin, 30 rds, NEW, steel
Old price 14.90 €
12.90 € *
G36 mag with coupler, new stock, H&K, hot deal!
Old price 49.90 €
22.90 € *
G3 retractable stock, H&K
Old price 399.00 €
299.00 € *
Explorer Pistol Case, H&K
Old price 99.90 €
69.90 € *
AK47 (M70) receiver folding stock, milled
Old price 19.90 €
14.90 € *
HK416 Carrying Bag Police/Military, original, H&K
Old price 129.00 €
59.90 € *
50pcs pack!!! UZI Magazin, good condition
Old price 399.00 €
289.00 € *
Mag pouch AK47, russian
Old price 14.90 €
3.90 € *
Steyr AUG stock, NATO Spec./Stanag .223, oliv colour
Old price 299.00 €
199.00 € *
Beretta M12, free part set, without barrel + bolt
Old price 299.00 €
199.00 € *
10x Mag pouch AK47, russian, special sale
Old price 69.90 €
19.90 € *
Price incl. VAT, plus delivery.