Gloves / Socks / Scarfs / Gaitors / Knobs

Gloves / Socks / Scarfs / Gaitors / Knobs

Gloves / Socks / Scarfs / Gaitors / Knobs

Here you find e.g. glovers, socks, gaitors, scarfs, Oma scarfs, knobs, S-Rings of the Wehrmacht.

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WH wool finger glooves

Product no.: 190479

Wool glooves as Wehrmacht, grey. Post war production as Wehrmacht One size fits all. Mint unissued condition.

7.90 *
In stock

WH Luftwaffe Fallschirmjäger gloves

Product no.: 190152

Quality Reproduction of the I German Fallschirmjäger gloves. Fine leather - great item! 4 sizes to choose - I,II,III,IV.

24.90 *
In stock

WH field socks

Wehrmacht fields socks. 100% wool - nice comfort in boots. Availbale in 2 sizes: Fitting size 41-44 (US size 7. 5-10) or fitting size 45-48 (US size 11-13). Please choose with buttons below.

9.90 *
In stock

Wehrmacht scarf "Oma", grey-oliv

Product no.: 150058

Scarf called "Oma". Comes from an unisseud army depot-stock. Produced post-war - identical to WH item. Can be worn under steel helmet.

5.90 *
In stock

WH gaiters

Product no.: 190075

German army pair of gaiters identical to Wehrmacht model 3. Issued 1943-45. Made from canvas, 100% cotton, and leather with strong stiching. Very good condition - original army depot stock.

5.90 *
Old price 11.90 €
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WH Tent quarter knob

Product no.: 190316
Tent quarter knobs - Original Wehrmacht lot. Price of 0,50 Euro is for 1 pcs knob!
0.50 *
In stock

WH Field cap knob, set

Product no.: 190118
Wehrmacht field cap knobs, 2pcs. Reproduction.
1.90 *
In stock

WH 10x tent quarter knob

Product no.: 190545
Tent quarter knobs - set of 10pcs. Reproduction matching originals.
3.50 *
In stock

WH hob nails, 100pcs set

Product no.: 190760

Set of 100pcs hob nails Wehrmacht. .

9.90 *

WH belt hook

Product no.: 190121
Wehrmacht belt hock. Price is per piece - Repro.
1.99 *
In stock

WH belt hook steel, fieldgrey

Product no.: 190122

Wehrmacht belt hock, fieldgrey. Price is per piece. Original I, rarer version made from steel.

4.90 *
In stock

WH head protector coldness

Product no.: 150022[1]
Wehrmacht winter head protector. 1:1 reproduction of the original. All details have been taken care of. 100% cotton / Lining 100% shoddy wool.
24.90 *
In stock
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