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WH LFH Cartridge 10,5cm Artillerie, Messing

Product no.: 30002

Light shell field howitzer (LFH), 10. 5 caliber. Original WH Weight 1. 9 Kg - Height 15. 5cm good condition production years 1937-1944.

39.90 *

WH LFH Cartridge 10,5cm Artillerie (serves perfect as helmet stand)

Product no.: 30054

Shell fieldArtillerie (LFH), 10. 5 caliber. Original WH Weight 1. 9 Kg - Height 15. 5cm Good condition as pictured. Production years 1937-1944.

29.90 *

WH Cartridge 8,8cm, category 1

Product no.: 30001

Steel case 88mm. Original WH-production. Was used after the war from the Finnish army and are laterally provided with a ink stamp in the finnish language. At the base of the case are sometimes the German manufacturer's label, WaA, annual stamp, FLAK 18 to see. Good condition and very rare. Pieces of history complete free of hazardous substances - Pure decorative object.

39.90 *
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20mm Machine Canon Shells, belted

Product no.: 30039
5 BW shells MK 20x139, belted
11.90 *

10 fired rounds 30-06

Product no.: 30067
10 shells 30-06 from e. g. M1 Garand. Also can be used as decoration ammo around eg. a MG42 stand...these are only slightly larger then 8x57IS and are very suitbale for e. g. empty bullets on the ground display.
3.90 *

20mm empty shell, ex german army

Product no.: 30158
German army shell 20mm machine canon. Price per shell.
2.50 *
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