Free Part Sets of Weapons

Free Part Sets of Weapons

In this category you find free gun part sets, containing all parts of the gun except the main gun parts. You get the sets as pictured and described.

Further for MP's with a overall length below 60cm and/or length of barrel+bolt in closed position under 30cm the trigger is welded and has no function anymore. Those MPs are marked in the articel description.

Information: All produst of this category will be outlisted with the EU regulation 2017/853 going into effect with Eu countries transforming it into national law. In Germany this will happen in early 2020 in Germany. The sale of free part sets will be stopped when the new german gun law is effective for dealers.

There is also no shipping of free part sets to Poland, Holland, Danmark, UK, Sweden and France. If you come from these countries please do not order any free part set.

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Mini UZI, free part set, without barrel + bolt

Product no.: 90080

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