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VZ61 Scorpion MP accessoiries set

Product no.: 120030
Scorpion VZ MP accessoiries. Holster + Mag pouch + Cleaning kit for VZ 61, 64, 65 ,68. Good condition army surplus.
34.90 *
In stock

VZ61 Scorpion MP mag, long 20rds.

Product no.: 120035

Scorpion VZ MP mag. For VZ 61, 64, 65 ,68. Like new army surplus, long version.

15.90 *
Old price 19.90 €
In stock

VZ61 Scorpion MP mag, short 10rds.

Product no.: 100534

Scorpion VZ MP mag. Like new army surplus, short version.

11.90 *
Old price 17.90 €
In stock

VZ61 Scorpion MP holster

Product no.: 120063
Scorpion VZ MP leather holster. Good condition army surplus.
19.90 *
In stock

VZ61 Scorpion MP mag pouch

Product no.: 120064
Scorpion VZ MP leather mag pouch. Good condition army surplus. Price per piece.
9.90 *
In stock

Carrying sling RPG7

Product no.: 140055

Carrying sling RPG7, NVA/east block made. Used good condition.

11.90 *
In stock

Mag pouch drum mag AK47, used

Product no.: 120066

Used condition as pictured.

7.90 *

Cleaning set Samopal VZ58, Czech

Product no.: 120068

Cleaning set VZ58, all items pictured enclosed, with blank firing adapter. Good used condition. Price per piece.

4.90 *
Old price 4.90 €

Samopal VZ58 Magazin

Product no.: 120050

Mag SA VZ 57 / VZ 58, 30 rounds. Original czech army stock. Current stock is in very good to mint condition.

19.90 *
In stock

Samopal VZ58 bayonet

Product no.: 260017

VZ58 bayonet. Original Czech-Army item with scabbard. Used condition. Proof of Age 18+ required.

21.90 *
Old price 27.90 €
In stock

Samopal VZ58 bayonet, mint in factory packing

Product no.: 260069
VZ58 bayonet, mint in catory packing. Original Czech-Army item with scabbard (scabbard is used). Good condition. Proof of Age 18+ required.
19.90 *

VZ58 small parts

Product no.: 60205
12.90 *

VZ58 sear

Product no.: 60206
6.90 *
Old price 14.90 €

PM63 mag, 25rds, long version

Product no.: 100626

Original east block mag PM63 MP. Like new army surplus, unissed. 25rds, 9x18mm Makarov.

7.90 *
Old price 12.90 €
In stock

VZ61 Scorpion MP Shoulder Holster

Product no.: 120032

Scorpion VZ61 MP shoulder holster. Good/used condition CZ surplus.

27.90 *
In stock

Husqvarna M1907 / FN Browning 1907 Leather Holster

Product no.: 120076

Husqvarna M1907 / FN Browning M1907 leather holster. Ex-Army-Stock. Condition: good / used.

19.90 *

Lahti L-35 + Husqvarna M/40 Leather Holster, black

Product no.: 120077

Lahti L-35 + Husqvarna M/40 Lederholster. Ex-Army-Stock. Condition: good / used. other as shown delivery in black colour

24.90 *

Drum mag RPD WITH belt, 100 rounds, good/used

Product no.: 90492

Drum mag RPD WITH belt, 100 rounds, good/used.

23.90 *
Old price 29.90 €
In stock

Carrrying bag Ak47 from balkan war, green

Product no.: 90864

Carrrying bag Ak47 from balkan war, green, condition good as pictured. Price per bag.

4.90 *

VZ58 receiver

Product no.: 91314

Original CZ VZ58 receiver. Good to very good condition. No shipping to: UK, Poland, France, Denmark, Netherland. If you are from these countries do not order this product!!!

49.00 *
Price incl. VAT, plus delivery.