MG34 / MP44 / MP40

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WH Stgw.44 butt stock, Repro

Product no.: 90008

WH Stgw. 44 butt stock, Repro. New. Best repro I have seen. Does fit into the vehicel mount Stgw. 44. Price is per piece.

89.90 *

WH Stgw.44 recoil spring

Product no.: 90007
WH Stgw. 44 recoil spring. good. Price is per piece.
59.90 *

Small parts MG34 (firing pin, spring and extractor)

Product no.: 90004

Small parts MG34 original. Great condition - hard to find. Firing pin, spring and extractor.

79.90 *

WH Stgw.44 stock plate#1

Product no.: 90009
WH Stgw. 44 stock plate#1. Very good/ like new. Price is per piece.
49.90 *

WH Stgw.44 extractor

Product no.: 90015
WH Stgw. 44 extractor. Very good. Very very little stock - therefor we can sadfully not offer cheaper. Price is per piece.
49.90 *

WH Stgw.44 Gas piston

Product no.: 90006
WH Stgw. 44 Gas piston. good. Price is per piece.
49.90 *

WH Stgw.44 part of trigger mechanism

Product no.: 90013
WH Stgw. 44 part of trigger mechanism. Very good. Price is per piece.
39.90 *

WH Stgw.44 safety lever

Product no.: 90014
WH Stgw. 44 safety lever. Very good. Price is per piece.
39.90 *

WH Stgw.44 follower for long magazin

Product no.: 90010
WH Stgw. 44 follower for long magazin. Very good. Price is per piece.
24.90 *

WH Stgw.44 hammer spring

Product no.: 90012
WH Stgw. 44 spring. Very good. Price is per piece.
29.90 *

WH Stgw.44 front sight protector, orig. WKII

Product no.: 90017
WH Stgw. 44 front sight protector. Very good. Price is per piece.
29.90 *

WH Stgw.44 hand guard, repro

Product no.: 90019
WH Stgw. 44 hand guard, repro from steel.
34.90 *

WH MG34 barrel container, org.

Product no.: 80165

Barrel container WH MG34, original I german made. Dream original condition. German stampings, years etc. Comes with carrying sling.

69.90 *

WH Stgw.44 grip shells, Repro

Product no.: 90419

WH Stgw. 44 wooden grip shells without mounting screw and washer, Repro. Made in Poland by a Sturmgewehr collector. 1:1 to the original ones.

19.90 *

MP40 Extractor, Original

Product no.: 90594

MP40 Extractor, Original, Price per pcs.

69.90 *

MP40 firing pin, original

Product no.: 130277

Firing pin MP40. I Wehrmacht Original. Price per pcs.

69.90 *
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