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Wanderer W11/3L, BJ 1939, vehicle of the RF-SS, Chasis #29201

Product no.: 90371

Wanderer W11 3L Kübel, BJ 1939, Vehicel of the Reichsführer SS, Serial of Chasis 29201, Serial of Body 6135. Absolute Unique piece of history. Offered by us in sales order of owner.

790,000.00 € *
In stock

SdKfz 251, (OT 810)

Product no.: 300001

Czech OT810 convertred to Wehrmacht SdKfz 251. Served for many movie and TV production the last year. Already rented/sold to a Berlin SFX company but remains in online shop for display reason.


Product no.: 300006
Nebelwerfer, german rocket launcher from I, reproduction made of steel.

Steyr 1500 A, 1943

Product no.: 300007
Steyr 1500A medic bus, 1943, original Wehrmacht. Motor runs and overall basis of vehicel is in good condition. One of a kind vehicel - we do not know about a second 1500 medic bus that survided until today.

Stug III replica

Product no.: 300008
Stug III Replica. Excellent work on basis of a FV432 tank. Can only be sold within Germany.

3,7cm PAK 36

Product no.: 300010
German PAK36 3,7cm, reproduction made of steel.

Hanomag Cabrio Limosine, 1936

Product no.: 300011
Hanomag Cabrio Limosine, 1936. Partly restored, motor rebuilt strong running, all original I parts - tires new, complete all parts come with it, one of a kind vehicel still in original beige paint

Wehrmacht troup bike

Product no.: 300012
Wehrmacht troop bike. All original, fully restored and running great. .

Steyr RSO axis with gear

Product no.: 300014
Condition as pictured.

Wehrmacht troup bike

Product no.: 300015
Wehrmacht troop bike, original, fully restored and running, but both wheels are dented and do not run straight. Shipping inside EU 140,00 Euro.

Swiss army bike 05

Product no.: 300016

Swiss army bike, original, nicest condition, smooth and fast running, Better than most modern city-bikes. Shipping only inside Germany.

449.00 € *
In stock

Mercedes "Wolf" 240GD

Product no.: 300021
Mercedes Benz 240GD "Wolf" Jeep, former danish army vehicel, oliv finish, made 1988, only 23. 600 Km, 4x4, 24V, Diesel. Top Condition!!! Wolf can be looked at here at our storage in Hamburg.

Mercedes "Wolf" 250GD

Product no.: 300022
Mercedes Benz 250GD "Wolf" Jeep, former german army vehicel, olivgreen finish, made 1990, only 38. 000 Km, 4x4, 2,5 Diesel. Top Condition!!! The Wolf does not come direct from army, it is currently already privatly owned by a hunter. We sell in his order. Pick up and cash payment here in storage Hamburg, termin will be made after purchase.

Lublin 51 LKW (GAZ-51)

Product no.: 300023
Lublin 51 (polish made GAZ 51) for sale in customers order. Made 1954, good condition, original tires, with cover and banks.

Ferret light tank

Product no.: 300024
Ferret Scout Car 4x4 FV 701 MK1/2, made 1962, with german road registration form. For sale in customers order.

Howitzer D44 85mm, demilled

Product no.: 300028
For sale in customer oder: Russian Howitzer D44 85mm, demilled. With german demilisation papers. Price is per piece canon. Canon to be picked up in 18510 Grimmen, Germany, by buyer.

Me 109, Replica

Product no.: 300018
Messerschmitt Bf 109 for sale in customer order. Decoration model only that was build for movies decoration purposes. Does not fly! Has a Ford Motor build in but only for making realistic sound. Does not move by itself but can be towed by car/truck. Only ment for decoration. Item stands in Cottbus Germany. We offer plane in the order of owner. Details of transport to be negotiated between buyer and owner. Sale under §25a without german VAT shown in incoice. If you have serious interest please make a realistic offer in price and we foward this to owner.

Hispano Suiza 20mm auto-canon, demilled - MANKO -

Product no.: 300029
Decoration Hispano Suiza 20mm machine canon HS. 404. MANKO is that this pcs is missing the drum magazin, + the left put-on-feet, + the shaft and the height adjustment seems not working. Demilled according german standards, with demilisation certificate. Condition: good as pictured. Last pcs in stock. Proof of age 18+ years required.

SdKfz 251 #2, (OT 810)

Product no.: 300017
Czech OT810 converted to Wehrmacht SdKfz 251. OT810 was made in 1965 and was restored/updated while conversion to SdKfz 251. Running condition, condition, details and demilisation see pictures. Sold in customers order, no VAT shown in invoice.

BW Kraka

Product no.: 300019
German Army Karak, 1965, very good condition. Sale as customer trade in under Diff. best. §25a UStG.

Mercedes "Wolf" 240GD, I

Product no.: 300025
Mercedes Benz 240GD "Wolf" Jeep. Danish army vehicel, oliv finish, made 1987, 83500 Km, 4x4, 24V, Diesel. Top Condition!!!

Marine Zwillingsflak C/38 20mm, Wehrmacht, demilled

Product no.: 300030
Marine Zwillingsflak C/38 20mm, Wehrmacht, demilled. Except the barrels original I Wehrmacht canon. Demilled according german law.
13,990.00 € *
Price incl. VAT, plus delivery.