AK47 (AKS) folding stock, very good/mint, Poland, deactivated assault rifle

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Decoration AK47 with folding stock, Polish Radom production. Very good to mint condition.

We are proud to offer this fine AK47S with milled receiver for a never seen price on the decoration market. This is your chance to get one of the best AK47 (Radom's are finest AK's - besides Tula/Izhmash/Suhl production). Never seen before. They have been build as live gun for the polish army, then they were demilled by the army to serve as exercise guns.

Demilled according german law. With demilisation certificate and demilisation stamping of german proof house.

Proof of age 18+ years required.

Following changes are done to all of our AK's: barrel drilled six times, steel pin set into barrel, bullet chamber welded, bolt head cut 45 degrees with firing pin channel welded, hammer/bolt catch fixed.

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