Ammo crate .50 cal filled with 15x cans beere from Hamburg

Ammo crate .50 cal filled with 15x cans beere from Hamburg

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Ammunition crate .50 Cal loaded with 15 cans of Motorcycle Mafia Beer from Hamburg Sankt Pauli. Slim Design 0,25L witch are unique in Germany for beer and which fit perfectly in this crate.

The Beer does have a great taste and the size and design of the tin makes it really special. The beer has an expiring date of 04 June 2020. It is made from natural spring water according the "Deutsche Reinheitsgebot" - german purity law for beer.

This set is a great decoration / companion for an evening / present for men.

The price of 29,90 contains the following
Special price for crate = 12,90 Euro
Price per can of beer = 0,88 Euro / can (3,52 Euro/Liter) and we have to calculate the official can deposit of 0,25 Euro a can. If you return the cans in the german deposit system you get back these 0,25 Euro per can.

Proof of age 16+ years required for beer according german law.

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