AR15 Magazin, ZIB-Militaria, .223, 30rds design BLOCKED to 10rds

AR15 Magazin, ZIB-Militaria, .223, 30rds design BLOCKED to 10rds

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AR15 / M16 / M4 Magazin, ZIB-Militaria, .223, 10rds in 30rds standard design. Blocking is done through a steel rivet on the backside of the magazin (see last picture). Made in Germany for us by a well know gun manufacturer.  Factory new condition - freshly made Sept./Oct. 2018 and just reached our storage . One of the best AR15 Magazines available. Comes with protector. Currently as very special offer for market introduction.

When it comes to quality, reliability, weight and price, these ZIB magazines sets the new benchmark.  The heavy duty glasfiber reinforced polymer body make them strong and reliable. They come with a window as standard. Springs are stainless steel high quality spring steel. The followers are self lubricating anti tilt design.

And the last thing that makes them special is the nicely logo print that shows a Sturmgewehr 44 surrounded by oak leafes.

One of our very best offers right now.

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