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WH leather low boots, blackened leather

Product no.: 190247

Wehmacht leather boots. Quality Reproduction matching original 100%. Blacked fnished leather.

104.90 *
Old price 119.90 €
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Wehrmacht like leather boots "Knobelbecher" with rubber sole

Product no.: 190782

Leather boots with rubber sole. Condition new.

34.90 *
Old price 39.90 €
1 piece(s) = 39.90 €
In stock

WH Knobelbecher (Wachbatallion)

Product no.: 190487

Wehmacht leather Knobelbecher, issued but good army boot - as picture.

114.90 *
Old price 129.90 €
In stock

WH-like Felt boot, new

Product no.: 210376

Wehmacht felt/leather boot, new. These warm boots are new. Only big difference to Wehrmacht boot is that they have a rubber sole instead of a leather sole. Boot is made from leather and felt and inside is all lined.

39.90 *
Old price 49.90 €

WH Luftwaffe leather boots, 1st model

German Luftwaffe Para boots I. Early model with side laces. Leather laces included.

119.90 *
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