MG34/ MG42 / MG53 / MG3

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Tripods and Mounts

Tripods and Mounts

Here you find tripods and mounts of the MG42 / MG53 / MG3.

Weapon parts

Weapon parts

Here you find weapon parts of the MG42 / MG53 / MG3.



Here you find accessories of the MG42 / MG53 / MG3.

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MG42/ MG53 Brass Catch Sack

Product no.: 91021

MG42/ MG53 Brass Catch Sack. Condition: As pictured.

31.90 *

MG53 blank firing adapter

Product no.: 91086

Original MG53 blank firing adapter in good condition.

24.90 *

ZB26/ ZB30 gunners pouch

Product no.: 91187

ZB26/ ZB30 gunners pouch with small parts, cleaning rod, oiler, muzzle break etc. Condition as pictured.

59.00 *
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