News of 06/06/2023:- Soon this website will be relaunched by a former business partner from us, located in middle Germany, who showed interested in taking over our webshop. It is a company with connection to gun business and to reproduction items.
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Dear friends, 

it's time to say goodbye now, in Hamburg we say "Bye ". We just closed the webshop on October 15th, 2022 after 16 years of permanent online status with tears in our eyes. A life's work is now coming to an end and that's a good thing. We thank you for your visit, your purchases and your trust over the years. 

All orders received are processed reliably. Please be patient as we have received three times as many orders as normal in the last few days. Please refrain from unnecessary inquiries about receipt of money, shipping status etc. and let us handle the shipping as quickly as possible in the last few days of processing.As always, we give our all.


BIG THANK YOU. Since the start of business in 2006, we have served a total of over 300,000
orders from over 250,000 customers (webshop/egun/ebay/amazon), and we
have had over 8,300 different products on sale in the shop over the
course of the years. For many years we were among the top 5,000 websites
 of all websites in Germany and in the top 100,000 of all websites
worldwide. We would like to thank all our customers, business partners,
interested parties and other visitors to this site. In addition to you
end customers, many large and small dealers at home and abroad are among
 our customers. These included well-known companies such as Brownells US
 and Rheinmetall. We supplied police authorities, military facilities,
private security services, shipping companies, airports and the
Fraunhofer institutes. Museums, companies from the film, television and
music sectors as well as well-known operetta and theater houses. Alles
this was the result of good ideas, their commercial and technical
implementation and hard work - but it was only possible because of you,
dear customers. Our business philosophy was to offer quality products at
 the lowest possible prices, with an interesting website and good
customer service. We kind of revolutionized the entire militaria market,
 which was previously characterized by many small dealers and high
prices. Our aim was to ensure satisfaction for suppliers and customers
at all times.

Thank you all from the bottom of our hearts!

We would also like to send you all our best regards and many thanks on behalf of Mr. Zuber. In the spring of 2019, Mr. Zuber a water damage in his private life occured, followed by mold and a large-scale use of a biocidal film preservative. The biocides contained were then released as a result of improper grinding work and led to severe poisoning, which Mr. Zuber barely survived with a hospital stay of more than 6 months. Blood washing and infusions are still part of the therapy today. Unfortunately, secondary diseases have developed, the most serious of which are an immune deficiency called MCS (Multi-Chemical Sensitivity) and a heart disease. Mr. Zuber would like us to mention this fact, once because there were a lot of inquiries from good customers, but especially to point out the autoimmune disease MCS. Because this is not reported in the media and can affect any healthy person.

MCS is an allergic-inflammatory reaction to chemicals that the normal human being tolerates and is not aware of. Mr. Zuber is highly sensitive here and reacts to chemicals in wall paint, floor coverings, plastic, cosmetics, cleaning agents, detergents, fuel, exhaust fumes, furniture, clothing, fragrances, all preservatives and much more. highly allergic. It is not possible for him to live indoors and he has to avoid people. The circumstances that result from this alone represent a struggle for pure existence, and then there are the symptoms of MCS. With this detailed information we would like to sensitize you to this topic. This autoimmune disease does not have a favorable future prognosis and Mr. Zuber is permanently no longer able to manage the ZIB GmbH, which he founded and built up. Without health everything is nothing. On that note - take care of yourself in this world full of pollutants and toxins

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Weapons, war and violence are never a solution. 

It is kindness, love and trust. 

We are all children of God, brothers and sisters. We are all the same. 

Health, happiness and all the best to all of y'all.