Wanderer W11/3L, BJ 1939, Chasis #29201

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Wanderer W11 3 Liter Kübel, BJ 1939, Vehicel of the Reichsführer SS, Serial of Chasis 29201, Serial of Body 6135. Absolute Unique piece of history. Worldwide one of three known W11/1 left, only one with this military history.

Was captured late WWII by the Red Army and given to a military Museum in Riga with end of war. There it stood many years until early 90th before it was finally sold to a collector from Germany some years ago. This collector died in the meanwhile and the Wanderer is now for sale by the current owner.

We point out that we are only ordered to find a buyer by the current owner. The owner does not want to stand in public and he, like us, does only have military historical interest in the Wanderer. He and us are stricly unpolitical and we do take care that the buyer will own this vehicel in the same way.

The Wanderer does have papers, it is in very good condition, partially restored, the motor runs and it drives. The cover of the open car was renewed. The price is meant as basis of negotiation.