Deactivated Weapons

Currently the sale of demilled guns, that have been deacitivated according EU-regulation and are stamped with EU-demilisation proof stamping and also come with an EU-demilisation certificate, is paused.

We have to clearify some uncertainties and new requirements for the sale of these items that came with the new EU gun law that was applied in september 2020. We will be selling these items again in future. Until then you find them on red light displayed in the shop. Please use the button "Notify on availability" to be informed the moment the item sells again.

All our deactivated original firearms, "EU Deco Guns", serve only display reasons and are sold to all EU-Countries. They are deactivated according the EU Regulation 2018/337 Establising common guidelines on deactivation standards and techniques for ensuring that deactivated firearms are rendered irreversibly inoperable.

Each deco gun is stamp-marked according the EU regulation and each comes with an "EU demilisation certificate". Please - Klick here - to see the EU demilisation specs that are done the the deco guns.

Further you also find the selection of long guns as free part set via the button. These sets do not contain any main gun part, meaning barrel with bullet chamber and bolt are not enclosed. Small arms under 50cm are only sold as Eu Decoration.

Shipping only to EU countries.  No shipping outside this zone. Further the buyer is liable for his national law requirements.


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Glock Folding spade incl. bag

Product no.: 100320

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