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AK47 bayonet, NVA, WITH scabbard

Product no.: 90830[1]

21.90 *
Old price 24.90 €
Still in stock

AK47 bayonet (6H2), scabard

Product no.: 260103[1]

14.90 *
Old price 19.90 €
Still in stock

AK47 bayonet, NVA, WITHOUT scabbard

Product no.: 90830

19.90 *

I british spike bayo Enfield WITH scabbard without frog

Product no.: 200017[3]

9.90 *
Old price 19.90 €
In stock

I british spike bayo Enfield WITH scabbard and M37 frog

Product no.: 200017

19.90 *
Still in stock

I british spike bayo Enfield WITH scabbard without frog

Product no.: 200017[2]

15.90 *
Old price 19.90 €
In stock

Swiss Stgw.57 bayonet with leather frog

Product no.: 260072

64.90 *
Still in stock

AK47 / AKM Bajonett NVA black

Product no.: 102005

49.90 *
Still in stock

US Enfield Remington bayonet from 1913

Product no.: 101065

149.90 *
Old price 219.90 €
In stock

AK47 bayonet (6H2), AK47 bayonet (6H2) - unfinished blade.

Product no.: 260103[2]

29.90 *
Still in stock

Bayonet Mauser K98, mini metal model, 18cm

Product no.: 20284

3.90 *
Old price 5.90 €

AK47 (M70) bayonet, zastava, offer

Product no.: 100581

24.90 *
Old price 29.90 €
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