Gun Parts HK53/ HK21 / HK23 / SL6 / MSG90 / P7

Gun Parts HK53/ HK21 / HK23 / SL6 / MSG90 / P7

All parts you find here are original Heckler & Koch made and in 100% new condition.

Parts are original  H&K Oberndorf, Germany, production. You will find more and more parts coming here.

We do only ship these parts inside Germany and EU countries. If you are located in the US or another country outside the EU we cannot serve your needs. The only exeption is bulk orders from end customers or dealer orders with a minimum value of Euro 5.000,-. These order qualify for an export with the involved paperwork. If you have a request that size than please contact us via email.

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USP slide stop lever, H&K

Product no.: 91201

21.90 *
In stock

Visor adjustment key for drum sighting G3/MP5/SL6/SL7/HK41, HK

Product no.: 102505

79.90 *
In stock
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