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HK417 buttstock konvex with Bowdenzug, H&K

Product no.: 90049

424.90 *
In stock

Rifle Carrying Sling, HK416/HK417, H&K

Product no.: 90047

59.90 *
Still in stock

G28 Flash Hider, also fitting HK417/ HK243, H&K

Product no.: 90355

149.90 *

HK417/MR308 Magazin 5rds, PVC Transparent, H&K, RAL8000 bottom

Product no.: 230405

99.90 *
In stock

HK416 / HK417 Foldable rear Sight, H&K

Product no.: 90537

189.90 *
In stock

HK417/MR308 Magazin 2rds, PVC Transparent, H&K

Product no.: 230406

99.90 *
In stock

HK416 / HK417 Flip Front Sight, Picatinny, H&K

Product no.: 90789

189.90 *
In stock

HK417 Gasblock, empty, with bayonet lug, H&K

Product no.: 90149

119.90 *
In stock

HK416 / HK417 Diopter Adjustable Sight, H&K

Product no.: 90536

299.90 *
Still in stock
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