US Uniforms

US Uniforms

US Army WWII uniforms and boots.

Right now many items on reduced price because these item will be outlisted after off sale.

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WH Holster Browning Hi Power softshell

Product no.: 102014

16.90 *
Old price 19.90 €
In stock

US visor cap officer, Khaki

Product no.: 200212

44.90 *
In stock

US para boots

Product no.: 200127

99.90 *
Old price 129.90 €
In stock

US Service Shoe Sole Russet

Product no.: 200141

99.90 *
Old price 109.90 €
In stock

US leather boots M43

Product no.: 200104

89.90 *
Old price 119.90 €
In stock

US HBT shirt

Product no.: 200088

34.90 *
Old price 44.90 €
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