Product no.: 230427

Original magazine for Glock 17, 17 rounds, black, new. Low availability, great offer! Inexpensive.

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Product no.: 30018

Bullet 9mm Para / 9x19mm, e. g. for MP40, Luger, P38. Empty bullet with shot off firing cap. Demilled 100% according german law.

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Sadfully not in stock!

Product no.: 230426

Original Glock magazine for Glock G43, 17 rounds, coyote, new item, great offer, great availability!!!!!!

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Product no.: 230425

Original Glock magazine for G43 with base extension, 6 rounds, black, new, great offer!!!!!!

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Product no.: 230420

MDT poly-metal magazine, 10 rounds, 308 Win, black. With viewing window, inexpensive. Super offer!

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