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Dear Comrades, Dear Reenactors, Dear Militaria-Collectors, Dear Movie-Companies and other Visitors! We welcome you to zib-militaria - the number one marketplaced for quality militaria at reasonable prices.

Our focus is:

- Demilled original weapons
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- WWI / WWII / modern uniforms and gear
- Blank- and airguns
- Bayonet, daggers and knives
- Militaria merchandise

You will find special and often rare military articels here in our shop. We promise you fast customer service and shipping. Collecting and trading military stuff is our passion and since 2006 we made our passion to our profession. Zib-militaria has become one of the biggest european online-shop for militaria and if you place an order with us we will do all for your satisfaction. We have a 1000qm storage in Hamburg Germany were we stock nearly all our 3000 products phsysically - that is why we can serve orders so fast.

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AR15 / M16 / M4 drum mag .223 with pouch and accessoiries, 50rds single drum

Product no.: 90581

149.90 *
Old price 199.90 €
In stock

AR-15 lower, empty, semi-auto, ZIB GmbH, made in Germany

Product no.: 90956

99.90 *
Old price 349.00 €

M16 lower, US Colt made, used

Product no.: 100609

49.90 *
Old price 159.00 €
In stock

M16 lower, US Colt made, good

Product no.: 100608

59.90 *
Old price 189.00 €
In stock

HK11 LMG, H&K, free part set, without barrel and bolt, CLEARANCE SALE

Product no.: 90894

1,599.00 *
Old price 3,490.00 €
In stock

G3 H&K grip "Navy", complete and very good

Product no.: 100105

49.90 *
Old price 69.90 €
In stock

UZI Magazin, very good/ mint

Product no.: 100039

12.90 *
In stock

UZI BW Mag, good condition

Product no.: 100527

8.90 *
In stock

50pcs pack!!! UZI Magazin, good condition

Product no.: 90447

395.00 *
Old price 495.00 €
In stock

10 x Thompson 30 round stick mag WWII, set

Product no.: 20314

44.90 *
Old price 99.00 €
In stock

50x G3 H&K Magazin Alu, German Army, very good

Product no.: 90704

89.00 *
Old price 145.00 €
In stock

H&K Gen3 PM Magazin, AR-15 / HK416, 30rds, .223, Stanag, schwarz

Product no.: 90868

34.90 *
Old price 49.90 €

G36 H&K, version V3, free part set, without barrel + bolt, clearance priced

Product no.: 90467

999.00 *
Old price 2,290.00 €
In stock

HK416 Magazin, Gen2, 30rds (.223 Stanag), H&K

Product no.: 230403

49.90 *
Old price 59.90 €
In stock

G36 mag with coupler, new stock, H&K, hot deal!

Product no.: 90107

19.90 *
Old price 49.90 €
In stock

Tank Degtjarev DT28/DTM44, drum magazin

Product no.: 10259

19.90 *
Old price 99.00 €
In stock

AR15 / M16 / M4 Magazin, original COLT M16 make, used

Product no.: 230356

15.90 *
Old price 29.90 €
In stock

Tokarev TT30 / TT33 magazin, new production, special offer

Product no.: 90448

13.90 *
Old price 24.90 €
In stock

M4 / M16 trigger parts full auto (internal note: small set)

Product no.: 100623

99.00 *
Old price 119.00 €
In stock

Ammo crate .50 cal, very good to mint, OD colour, Offer

Product no.: 90815

14.90 *
Old price 19.90 €
In stock

H&K PSG1 / G3 butt stock sniper rifle, very good / mint

Product no.: 90849

599.00 *
In stock

H&K PSG1 / G3 butt stock sniper rifle, mint condition, version 2

Product no.: 90850

1,190.00 *
In stock

H&K PSG1 handguard, mint condition

Product no.: 90862

169.00 *
In stock

Sniper Scope Hensoldt Model ZF 6x42, PSG1

Product no.: 90863

799.00 *
Old price 999.00 €
In stock

Ammo crate .50 cal filled with 15x cans beere from Hamburg

Product no.: 90866

29.90 *
In stock

M16 trigger part kit 3rd burst

Product no.: 90969

179.00 *
In stock

MEC-GAR UZI Magazin, new

Product no.: 90995

19.90 *
In stock

AK47 Magazin, 30 rds, Polymer with Steel Inlay, OPEN BOLT

Product no.: 91004

9.90 *
In stock

AK47 Magazin, 40 rds, Polymer with Steel Inlay, OPEN BOLT

Product no.: 91005

12.90 *
Old price 17.90 €
In stock

Sig Sauer P250 17 rds magazin blocked on 10 rds

Product no.: 91066

19.00 *
In stock

HK33 grip export version, Full auto, H&K

Product no.: 91208

124.90 *
In stock

AR-15 / HK416 Gen3 PM Magazin, .223, Stanag, sand-brown; H&K

Product no.: 91219

29.90 *
In stock

10x G3 H&K Magazin Alu, German Army, good to very good condition

Product no.: 90703[1]

18.00 *
Old price 39.00 €
In stock

50x Thompson 30 round stick mag WWII, set

Product no.: 20314[1]

229.00 *
Old price 495.00 €
In stock

H&K MP5 mag 30 rounds, curved, H&K original

Product no.: 230396

74.90 *
Old price 84.90 €

M1 carbine mag, 15 rds, org. WWII, each packed nicely

Product no.: 130017

14.90 *
Old price 14.90 €
In stock

Madsen MG Magazin, WWI/WWII

Product no.: 90281

4.90 *
Old price 14.90 €
In stock

Deko MG81Z, WWII

Product no.: 90797[1]

1,490.00 *
In stock

MP40 / MP38 mag casing Wehrmacht, used, empty / dented / rusted

Product no.: 90768[1]

29.90 *
In stock

H&K MP5 mag 30 rounds, curved, RAL8000!, H&K original

Product no.: 90309

69.90 *
Old price 89.90 €
Price incl. VAT, plus delivery.