Deactivated Weapons

Deactivated Weapons

Here you find demilled original weapons, also called decoration or deactivated weapons, for sale.

On the 08th april 2016 the sale of german decoration guns has stopped:

We are now offering EU-Deco guns and free Gunpart-Sets without main gun parts.

All our deactivated original firearms, "EU Deco Guns", serve only display reasons and are sold to all EU-Countries. They are deactivated according the EU Regulation 2015/2403 Establising common guidelines on deactivation standards and techniques for ensuring that deactivated firearms are rendered irreversibly inoperable.

Each deco gun is stamp-marked according the EU regulation and each comes with an "EU demilisation certificate". Please - Klick here - to see the EU demilisation specs that are done the the deco guns.

Further you find free gun part sets now in this category. These sets do not contain any main gun part, meaning barrel with bullet chamber and bolt are not enclosed. Further for small arms under 50cm the trigger mechanism is also not enclosed or the trigger will be welded. You can choose your specification with the tabs in the product site, please take a look there.


(Old category description, invaled since 08th april 2016: Our deactivated original firearms serve only display reasons and are sold inside Germany and inside EU. They all are demilled according german law KWKG or WaffG depending on the type of ex-weapon. KWKG decoration weapons are demilled according VB 3 -101703 BMWI 1999. WaffG decoration weapons all carry the decoration "Rautenstempel" (stamp that legally proofes decoration status).

Additionally every decoration item comes with a business certificate stating kind of ex weapon, serial number and changes done to the ex weapon in english language.

If you buy decoration weapons you need to proof to us that you are 18 years via email/fax or letter. We need this proof only for your first purchase with us - if we have it we do not need it for future transactions.

Please make sure decorations are ok for your national law to be received. Since we do not have the same law in all EU countries yet you must make sure that items purchased are 100% legal according your own law. We ensure full compliance of items with german law.

If you are not sure of your national requirements for decoration weapons then please ask your national authorities to clearify before you buy. That is your responsibility and it is very important!

We do not ship deactivated weapons to UK, Netherlands, Danmark, Poland and new 17.02.2016 to Sweden also no shipping.

And g
enerally no shipping outside the EU! If you have a product of this category in your shopping basket the shop does technically not display the shipping method Switzerland, Norway or Outside EU as shipping methods. So you cannot not complete the order and check out.)