Russian Field Gear

Russian Field Gear

Russian Field Gear
Red Army WWII field gear

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PPSH41 drum mag pouch, early postwar

Product no.: 130069
PPSH41 drum mag pouch. Early post war production. Condition very good.
14.90 *
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PPSH41 pouch + drum mag

Product no.: 130070

PPSH41 drum mag + pouch. Original russian production. Condition very good.

Please also see the legal information for this article in the extended article description.

29.90 *
In stock

PPS43 mag pouches

Product no.: 130080
PPS43 mag pouches. Condition unissued.
7.90 *
Old price 9.90 €
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WWII Red Army Schaschka with bayonet aged

Product no.: 200036

WWII Red Army Schaschka with bayonet. Reproduktion. With Bayonet for Nagant rifle. Aged. New with scabbard. Proof of age 18+ needed.

149.00 *
In stock

PPSH41 drum mag pouch, WWII original

Product no.: 130162
PPSH41 drum mag pouch. Original red army I issued. Condition: good.
24.90 *
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Red Army screw driver WWII

Product no.: 130185

Red Army screw driver WWII. Like new from storage stock.

4.90 *
In stock

Russ. Mosin Nagant bayonet

Product no.: 260008

Moisin Nagant bayonet, original WII red army. Original item. Very good condition. Proof of age needed.

22.90 *
In stock

SVT40 mag, new

Product no.: 130123

10 round mag for SVT40, russ. 7.62x54R. Reproduction, matching original 1:1.

49.90 *
Old price 89.90 €
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SVT40 mag, original WWII Red Army

Product no.: 90300

10 round mag for SVT40. Original russian WWII one.

129.00 *
In stock

Moisin Nagant Pouches, russian, sale!

Product no.: 130049

Moisin Nagant Pouches. Original russian in very good to unissued condition.

5.90 *
Old price 9.90 €
In stock

Russian steel helmet M40 as WWII

Product no.: 150057

Russian steel helmet, model M1940 from WWII. Produced shortly after the war, but matching war helmet 100%. Nice and hard to find helmet. Condition is as new, because these have never been issued. Inlay is variable.

69.90 *
In stock

Russian field screw driver, foldable

Product no.: 130165

Russian screw driver, original I. Issued to soldier with every PPSH41 and PPS43. Unissued stock.

4.90 *
In stock

Red Army catch sling for Makarov / TT33 / Nagant Revolver

Product no.: 90451

Red Army catch sling for Makarov / TT33 / Nagant Revolver. Unissued mint condition. Price per pcs.

2.50 *
Old price 5.90 €
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DP28 carrying sling, mint condition

Product no.: 90521

DP28 carrying sling, mint condition. Post war made as WWII.

19.90 *
In stock
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