MP5 mag 30 rounds, curved, currently on sale

MP5 mag 30 rounds, curved, currently on sale

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Good value for money. Not 100% reliable since pretty loose once inserted in MP5 clone.
from on 08/10/2014
- Mags were new. Packed as new and lubrified.

- The follower is black and metallic. The piece is not made of plastic as stated in another comment, but since it's not chromed, it can cause some confusions.

- Compared to my original mags included with my MP5 clones (Luxdeftec HSG-94), these ones were very loose once inserted in the firearm. This causes some malfunctions depending on the position of the firearm when you release the bolt. The specs on theses ones do not match exactly the ones (better made) that came with my MP5 clone.
I ignore if those are loose in original MP5 or other clones.

- Otherwise, the mags are pretty well made and rugged.

- Decent value for money, but test them extremely well before depending on them for a defense scenario.

- Ideal for plinking. Only tested them in semi-auto mode.
Very good
from on 06/10/2014
Works fine. No feeding issues.
Good value, excellent condition
from on 19/08/2014
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