Micro Galil, deactivated assault rifle

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Decoration Micro Galil assault rifle, israel IMI made, from IDF arsenal.

Very good condition.

EU-Deco, demilled according EU regulation 2015/2403. Item is mark with demilisation stamping + comes with a demilisation certificat. (Details about the deactiviation specification you find in the category description. There is a link to a document that shows what demilisation is done.)

A Galil rifle in service with the Israel Defense Forces in July 2000.

A Galil rifle in service with the Israel Defense Forces in July 2000.
Type Assault rifle
Placeoforigin Israel State of Israel
Service history
Inservice 1972?present[1]
Usedby See users
Wars Lebanon War
War in Somalia
South African Border War
War in Afghanistan
Iraq War
Insurgency in the Philippines
Guatemalan Civil War
Colombian Armed Conflict
2013 Lahad Datu standoff
Production history
Designer Yisrael Galili, Yaacov Lior
Manufacturer Israel Military Industries (IMI), Bernardelli, Indumil, Ka Pa Sa State Factories
Variants See Variants
  • SAR 5.56mm: 3.75kg (8.27lb)
  • AR 5.56mm: 3.95kg (8.7lb)
  • ARM 5.56mm: 4.35kg (9.6lb)
  • SAR 7.62mm: 3.85kg (8.5lb)
  • AR 7.62mm: 3.95kg (8.7lb)
  • ARM 7.62mm: 4.45kg (9.8lb)
  • Sniper: 6.4kg (14lb)
  • SAR 5.56mm: 850mm (33in) stock extended / 614mm (24.2in) stock folded
  • AR, ARM 5.56mm: 987mm (38.9in) stock extended / 742mm (29.2in) stock folded
  • SAR 7.62mm: 915mm (36.0in) stock extended / 675mm (26.6in) stock folded
  • AR, ARM 7.62mm: 1,050mm (41.3in) stock extended / 810mm (31.9in) stock folded
  • Sniper: 1,112mm (43.8in) stock extended / 845mm (33.3in) stock folded
  • SAR 5.56mm: 332mm (13.1in)
  • AR, ARM 5.56mm: 460mm (18.1in)
  • SAR 7.62mm: 400mm (15.7in)
  • AR, ARM 7.62mm: 535mm (21.1in)
  • Sniper: 508mm (20.0in)

Action Gas-operated, rotating bolt
Rateoffire 630?750 rounds/min
  • SAR 5.56mm: 900m/s (2,953ft/s)
  • AR, ARM 5.56mm: 950m/s (3,116.8ft/s)
  • SAR 7.62mm: 800m/s (2,624.7ft/s)
  • AR, ARM 7.62mm: 850m/s (2,788.7ft/s)
  • Sniper: 815m/s (2,673.9ft/s)
Effectiverange 300?500 m sight adjustments
  • 5.56mm: 35, 50, 65-round detachable box magazine
  • 7.62mm: 25-round box magazine
Sights Flip-up rear aperture with protective ears, flip-up tritium night sights, hooded front post

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