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H&K MP5 / SP5k mag 30 rounds, curved, H&K original

Product no.: 91095

MP5/ SP5k mag, 15 rounds. Original H&K make. Condition: New.

79.90 *

VZ61 Scorpion MP mag, long 20rds.

Product no.: 120035

Scorpion VZ MP mag. For VZ 61, 64, 65 ,68. Like new army surplus, long version.

15.90 *
Old price 19.90 €

VZ61 Scorpion MP mag, short 10rds.

Product no.: 100534

Scorpion VZ MP mag. Like new army surplus, short version.

11.90 *
Old price 17.90 €
In stock

MP5 mag 15 rounds, MKE

Product no.: 100096[1]

MP5 mag, 15 rounds, stamped, new MKE made stock. price is per pcs of mag.


49.90 *
Old price 95.00 €
In stock

MP7 Gasblock, H&K

Product no.: 91384

MP7 Gasblock. Factory new item. Original Heckler&Koch.

99.00 *
In stock
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