Smocks and Knochensäcke

Smocks and Knochensäcke

Here you find german WWII uniform smocks and para suites. We take great care that we only have items in range that match there historical orginal 1:1. For use of reenactors, militaria collectors, movie companies, museums etc.

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WH reversible combat blouse, splitter, zib

39.90 *
Old price 49.90 €

WX reversible combat blouse, oakleaf, zib

Product no.: 190533

69.90 *
Old price 84.90 €

WH combat blouse, Splinter, Sturm

Product no.: 190245

27.50 *
Old price 34.90 €

WH combat blouse, swamp camo, Sturm

Product no.: 190242

27.50 *
Old price 39.90 €

Wehrmacht camo smock, splitter camo, LINEN HBT

Product no.: 190614

59.90 *
Old price 69.90 €

Wehrmacht jacket, Sumpftarn, linen HBT, Sales

Product no.: 190629

49.90 *
Old price 59.90 €
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