Decoration Handgrenades

Decoration Handgrenades

Here you find hand grenades for all your decoration needs. From the demilled original russian F1 one, to the famous german M24 stick grenade replica from WWII. Check out all the models below.

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The buyer is responsible for compliance with his national law. We ensure full compliance of our products with german law.


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US MK2 "Pinneapple" grenade decoration, metal #738

Product no.: 70006

19.90 *
In stock

Russian F1 grenade decoration, wood

Product no.: 60008

14.90 *
In stock

US M67 "Baseball" grenade decoration, WOOD

Product no.: 700019

13.90 *
In stock

German keychain M24 stick grenade, wood

Product no.: 60007

5.90 *
In stock

US MK2 "Pinneapple" grenade decoration, WOOD

Product no.: 70018

14.90 *
In stock

US M61 "Lemon" grenade decoration, wood

Product no.: 70007

14.90 *
Still in stock

Hungarian 42M grenade decoration, blue

Product no.: 60620

14.90 *
Old price 49.90 €

US M67 "Baseball" grenade decoration, metal

Product no.: 70016

10.90 *

Russian RG42 grenade decoration, metal, Manko

Product no.: 60014

14.90 *
Old price 29.90 €
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