Military Vehicels

Currently this category only serves documentation and recherche purposes. Because of missing space downtown Hamburg we had not sell a vehicel from own stock for some years now. For the future we would like to help you to publish and sell your military vehicel as agency only. If you want us to list your vehicel please contact us with details and pictures. Our website is visited by hundredthousands of militaria interested people each month.

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Swiss army bike 05

Product no.: 300016

Wehrmacht troup bike

Product no.: 300012

Wehrmacht troup bike

Product no.: 300015

Nebelwerfer, Repro / Deco

Product no.: 300006

BW Kraka

Product no.: 300019

SdKfz 251, (OT 810)

Product no.: 300001

Steyr 1500 A, 1943

Product no.: 300007

Stug III replica

Product no.: 300008

Hanomag Cabrio Limosine, 1936

Product no.: 300011

Kübelwagen, 1943

Product no.: 300013

Steyr RSO axis with gear

Product no.: 300014

Mercedes "Wolf" 240GD

Product no.: 300021

Mercedes "Wolf" 250GD

Product no.: 300022

Lublin 51 LKW (GAZ-51)

Product no.: 300023

Ferret light tank

Product no.: 300024

Howitzer D44 85mm, demilled

Product no.: 300028

Me 109, Replica

Product no.: 300018

SdKfz 251 #2, (OT 810)

Product no.: 300017

Mercedes "Wolf" 240GD

Product no.: 300025

Marine Zwillingsflak C/38 20mm, Wehrmacht, demilled

Product no.: 300030

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