Vietnam Uniforms And Field Gear

Vietnam Uniforms And Field Gear

Here you find uniforms and field gear of the US forces and the Vietkong from the Vietkong war.

Reproduction and some original items.

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M17 mask protective field bag, US Vietnam org.

Product no.: 210413

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US helmet camo cover M1

Product no.: 150066[3]

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US M56 Suspenders, Vietnam org.

Product no.: 210420[1]

12.90 *
Old price 19.90 €

US gas mask bag original

Product no.: 200121

14.90 *

US AK47 Bandolier, Vietnam org.

Product no.: 210415

33.90 *
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inner helmet - as US M1

Product no.: 500013[1]

16.90 *
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